Attention Magnetic Knowledge Other
  • Do not place magnets near person wearing electrical medical equipment, such as pacemaker, because the magnets may result in malfunction of the equipment and endanger person's life.

  • Keep magnets away from magnetic memory media or other magnetic field sensitive devices such as magnetic cards, tapes, floppy disks, hard disk drives, and watches. Otherwise information stored in the media or the devices may be damaged.

  • Big block of magnets will strongly attract each other or attract iron steel pieces, which may cause serious injure to person.

  • The magnets may break into pieces when collide with other materials. Be careful in assembling magnets and prevent the tiny fragments from entering into eyes or cause other injuries.

  • Keep magnets in good condition and avoid following environment in case that magnets may rust or become weak in mechanical or magnetic performance.

    (a) With acid, alkali, organic solvent or electrolytes.

    (b) Immersed in water or in oil.

    (c) Hydrogen atmosphere.

    (d) Corrosive atmosphere such as CL2, NH3, NOX, etc.

    (e) With radioactive rays.