Talent Philosophy

The Company select talents using scientific tools and methods of structured interview and psychometric testing. We apply two way selection combining applicants interviewing the company and strict talent selection, creating platform for every employee's development. At present, our employees specialize in various disciplines including material science and engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering , instrumental science and technology, metallurgical engineering, control science and engineering, nuclear science and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, business administration and so on.

In order to meet the strict requirement by famous customers worldwide, the Company pays great attention to cultivating talents who shall lead technological frontier as well as  creative and practical generalists.Its self-developed internet education platform can provide various outer learning resources and inner excellent training in person.

With the development of rare earth permanent magnet applications, the Company explores platform for providing technology and product services for world famous customers.In the meanwhile, the Company has cultivated a large number of professional and hardworking talents.


The Company has more competitive salary level and development platform than those in the same industry. Employee's salary is correlated with his or her performance. The more value the employees creates, the better development platform he or she obtains. The Company is pursuing win-win atmosphere of employees and enterprise.


The Company creates family like atmospheer for employees. When working here, employees shall feel the passion of hardworking, the team spirit of  fighting side by side and the family like warmth. 


  • Social Recruitment
  • Campus Recruitment

Recruiting Process

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