Message from the Chairman

As a supplier of magnetic material and devices, by taking market as the orientation and customers’ demands as criterion, Zhong Ke San Huan continuously improves technologies and products, and insists in providing customers with first-class goods and services. Our rare-earth permanent magnet Nd-Fe-B products are widely used in many fields, such as automobile, household appliance, energy, computer, communication and medical care, which speeds up the renovation and transformation of downstream products and promotes the progress of society.


Zhong Ke San Huan takes people as a dominant factor for our development, protecting the lawful rights of employees and paying great attention to occupational health. We create favorable working environment and atmosphere for our employees and encourage them to bring their specialty into play. In the meanwhile, we stress their team work and dedicated working spirit, giving full play to their talents and skills. In rapidly changing environment, Zhong Ke San Huan’s all staff, with concerted and pioneering efforts, will further promote the sustained and healthy development of our company.


Zhong Ke San Huan is determined to forge ahead with innovation, continuously improving technologies and services so as to remain invincible position facing the fierce competition market environment. Looking to the future, we will keep a close touch with new application fields and make our products and services in step with the development and progress of the times.


Zhong Ke San Huan will continuously provide first-class products and services to customers by improving our technologies and products. We also aim for good operating results to reward our stakeholders. In the meanwhile, we will exercise our social responsibilities, carrying out sincere operations, being environmental friendly, saving energy, and further contributing to the harmonious development of society.



                                                          Wang Zhenxi